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The Establishment and operation of Longjing Medical College(้พไบ•้†ซ็ง‘ๅคงๅญธ) - The History of Longjing Medical College as Frontier History: Focusing on its โ€˜Disconnectionโ€™ and โ€˜Continuityโ€™ -
Longjing Medial College(้พไบ•้†ซ็ง‘ๅคงๅญธ), established in Longjing, Yanbian, China on September 12, 1945, existed for about 1 year and 6 months until it was renamed as the Medical Department of Dongbei Junzheng Daxue Jilin Fenxiao(ๆฑๅŒ—่ปๆ”ฟๅคงๅญธ ๅ‰ๆž—ๅˆ†ๆ ก) in April 1947....
The Study on the Lives and Health Conditions of Internees in Santo Thomas Camp of Philippines - Based on McAnlisโ€™s The War in Manila (1941-1945) -
When Japan invaded the Philippines, two missionary dentists (Dr. McAnlis and Dr. Boots) who were forced to leave Korea were captured and interned in the Santo Thomas camp in Manila. Japan continued to bombard and plunder the Philippines in the wake of the Pacific War following t...
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Volume 26(2); Aug 2017
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