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Korean J Med Hist > Volume 26(3); 2017 > Article
Korean Journal of Medical History 2017;26(3): 503-544.
doi: https://doi.org/10.13081/kjmh.2017.26.503
서양의학에서의 인삼활용과 한계, 1660-1900 -영국과 미국을 중심으로
연세대학교 사학과
The Medicinal Usage and Restriction of Ginseng in Britain and America, 1660-1900*
Heasim SUL
Department of History, Yonsei University, Seoul, KOREA
Correspondence  Heasim SUL ,Email: snowlove@yonsei.ac.kr
Received: June 25, 2017;  Accepted: November 29, 2017.  Published online: December 31, 2017.
This article demonstrates the medicinal usage of ginseng in the West from 1660 to 1914. Asian[Korea] ginseng was first introduced into England in the early 17th century, and North American ginseng was found in the early 18th century. Starting from the late 17th century doctors prescribed ginseng to cure many different kinds of ailments and disease such as: fatigue general lethargy, fever, torpidity, trembling in the joints, nervous disorder, laughing and crying hysteria, scurvy, spermatic vessel infection, jaundice, leprosy, dry gripes and constipation, strangury, yellow fever, dysentery, infertility and addictions of alcohol, opium and tobacco, etc. In the mid-18th century Materia Medica began to specify medicinal properties of ginseng and the patent medicines containing ginseng were widely circulated. However, starting in the late 18th century the medicinal properties of ginseng began to be disparaged and major pharmacopoeias removed ginseng from their contents. The reform of the pharmacopoeia, influenced by Linnaeus in botany and Lavoisier in chemistry, introduced nomenclature that emphasized identifying ingredients and active constituents. Western medicine at this period, however, failed to identify and to extract the active constituents of ginseng. Apart from the technical underdevelopment of the period, the medical discourses reveal that the so-called chemical experiment of ginseng were conducted with unqualified materials and without proper differentiation of various species of ginseng.
Key Words: ginseng, prescription of ginseng, medicinal properties of ginseng, Materia Medica, Dispensatory, Pharmacopoeia, active principle, chemical constituent, curing of ginseng
주요어: 인삼, 인삼처방, 인삼의 의학적 효능, 약물학, 약전주해, 약전, 유효 성분, 화학성분, 인삼가공
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